reptile shows bookingHands-on reptile parties, Melbourne, with Snakebusters® - Australia's best reptiles®.

Melbourne's only hands-on reptile reptile party is Snakebusters.
less experienced imitators only let people touch the reptiles at best. In Melbourne, Snakebusters the ONLY hands on reptiles® reptile show.

To the surprise of those who shop around for prices the cost of Snakebusters is less than pretty much everyone else. Snakebusters are the only company that charge a single flat rate for all Melbourne suburbs and the only company not to slug you for last minute extras, like the extra kids (above 15 kids) that are counted at the party, or an extra $50 to bring a Crocodile! Only Snakebusters has no extra kid's surcharges, so you can invite as many kids as you like. Yes you can invite all the children in the class at school and still pay the standard party rate!

Snakebusters have all the extras for no extra, like birthday invitations, (see the main webpage and go to the "Booked Snakebusters already" icon), and the amazing CD-rom with nine definitive books and hundreds of relevant reptile-related papers and articles so that you and your children can learn more about reptiles and other wildlife.

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