reptile parties bookingWhy it's important to have venomous snakes at your snake show and ...
Why it's even more important that they are safe.

Reptile education without the venomous snake show is not the real deal. It's that simple. Kids need to know about the safe and the unsafe snakes and without showing both kinds, the lesson doesn't cut the grade.

The only legal venomous snake show in Victoria is Snakebusters.

Only Snakebusters complies with Section 32 of the OH and S Act 2004, in that their deadly snakes used for snake shows are vet certified surgically devenomized.

It is illegal to put the handler or public at risk of venomous snakebite if doing a snake show with snakes with venom glands in-tact.

The risk of fatal or near fatal snakebite is too great and therefore illegal.

While the imitators of Snakebusters may make claims of expertise and skill when handling venomous snakes, the fact is that even the best snake handlers make mistakes and therefore using dangrously venomous snakes during snake shows is illegal in Victorian law.

By way of example all of the companies that compete with Snakebusters for school incursions or excursions, have had serious snakebite incidents, defined here as any bites resulting in the handler being rushed to hospital in an ambulance or having had to get antivenom to survive the bite.

Examples include:

- “Zoos Victoria” where Healesville Snactuary staff have been carted off to hospital and had antivenom on no less than three occasions in the period 2004-2010.

- Melbourne Zoo keeper Jon Birkett, also got carted off to hospital for a Tiger Snake bite.

- Newly licenced and inexperienced snake handlers, trading under the name “snakehandler” have had to staff members carted off to hospital for deadly snake bites.

- Bob Withey of “Aussie Wildlife Displays” has also had a number of serious snakebite incidents.

ONLY Snakebusters has a perfect safety record.  This is even more notable because Snakebusters do far more deadly snake shows than all other companies and including far more snakes and the world's deadliest species in all displays.

With over 10,000 deadly snake shows under their belt and all successful, risk and accident free, only Snakebusters can give a total safety guarantee for deadly snake shows.

Notwithstanding this impeccable record, inexperienced rivals and those seeking to steal Snakebusters clients, in company with corrupt officers from the Victorian department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) have repeatedly falsely claimed that Snakebusters shows are risky, the central claim being that devenomized snakes regenerate venom.

In summary the claims are false.

Fact is that devenomized snakes (known as “venomoids”) are totally safe.

They also have the advantage in that the snakes are not belted around with sticks for the purposes of public entertainment.

It is because Snakebusters are the only company in Australia with devenomized snakes at their animal parties, reptile displays and snake exhibitions, that everywhere Snakebusters are known as “Australia’s best reptiles”.

So whether it’s for your next kids party, reptile show, display, school wildlife incursion, animal party or holiday reptile exhibition, demand the only risk free venomous snake show.

Snakebusters also have all the other kinds of reptile you’d expect at a top-line reptile show, inclduing Crocs, pythons, lizards and more.

In Melbourne, Snakebusters are the only hands on corporate reptile shows, reptile parties, educational incursions and kinder reptile shows.  Hands on, meaning holding the animals.

Every other company’s shows tend to be “hands-off” and boring.

To book Snakebusters, visit the webpage for reptile shows Melbourne.